Save Time & Money with Online Invitations

7 Ways To Save Time and Money with Digital Wedding Invitations

Let’s express it; weddings can be a bit costly, well, really pricey. However, the trick to budgeting your marriage is all in the details. One of the most important details of wedding preparation (that can add up quickly) is creating creative wedding invites. There are many decorative rudiments and fun ways to let guests know about the big day. However, you don’t need to disrupt the bank. Therefore, read on for our top tips on saving cash on wedding invitations.

Here are the 7 Tips for Saving Time and Money with Digital Wedding Invitations

This blog post will explain the benefits of digital wedding invitations to save time and money for your next event. 

1. Keep the Invitation Simple

Keep the Invitation Simple

Nowadays, pretty elements are seemingly endless, with the capability to customize your wedding invitation. Everyone hopes their marriage invitation ideas will come to life and stand out from the mob. From wax seals to foil pressing, there are numerous ways to enterprise your wedding invitations. However, sometimes unassuming is better, especially when on a budget. 

When it comes to saving money on digital wedding invites, it’s important to remember the mantra “Keep it simple.” While it can be tempting to go all out with intricate designs and elaborate animations, these added frills can quickly add up in cost. Additionally, consider using free or low-cost design tools and platforms, and opt for a clean and minimalist design that still conveys all the necessary information to your gums, such as Smart E Invites, to create your invites. By keeping your digital wedding invites simple and streamlined, you can save time and money without sacrificing style or functionality.

2. Limit Decorative Elements in E-Invitation

When it originates to designing your wedding invitation, pick one or two basics that you consider “must-haves” for your suggestion. Start with the basics. In addition, add one or two pretty elements. You’d be surprised how much a simple touch can tie the offer composed beautifully without lucrative overboard.

Deliberate which decorative elements will be more luxurious in the long run. For example, a wax seal or belly group will significantly add to the overall weight of the invitation. That’s because each invitation will weigh slightly more, increasing the shipping price. Alternatively, opt for lightweight decorative elements such as foil pressing or print.

3. Use a Simple Envelope

Use a Simple Envelope

The ornamental aspect of wedding invitations also embraces the envelope and envelope liner. If there is a zone to cut back on for pretty elements, it’s the envelope. A wedding caller will be more focused on the contents of the wrapper. Sadly, guests will likely throw the wrapper away entirely after opening it. With that in awareness, consider choosing a simple yet stylish envelope without decorative elements. This will save you a good amount of money you can put on to other areas of the marriage instead.

If you want to add a personal touch, you can use a sticker or stamp to decorate the envelope. Remember that the focus should be on the content of the invitation rather than the envelope, so don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money on fancy packaging. Ultimately, a simple envelope can help you save money without sacrificing style or functionality.

4. Avoid using Top-of-the-line Paper

Similar to reproduction style, paper type also plays a significant character in the cost of your wedding invitations. Cotton or linen resolve are all pricier when it arises to wedding invitation stationery. For an economy option, opt for cardstock or a cotton blend, which is typically cheaper when it originates to paper types.

While it can be tempting to splurge on expensive, high-quality paper to make your invites stand out, this can quickly drive up your costs. Instead, consider using more affordable paper options that still look and feel nice. You can even explore different textures and finishes, such as matte or glossy, to add some visual interest without breaking the bank. Ultimately, your guests will likely be more focused on the content of your invites rather than the type of paper you use, so don’t be afraid to opt for a more budget-friendly option.

5. Trim the Sum of invitation Layers

Another way you can keep your wedding invitation costs to a minimum is by being mindful of how much you add to your invitation suite. A wedding invitation suite typically contains the invitation, a response valentine, reception information, and any other facts regarding the event. An excellent way to limit the number of layers in your invitation suite is by successfully digital with detailed information regarding the wedding. You can skip the insertion wedding invitation card that typically includes the more minute details and, as an alternative, have a link to a website with this data. When sending out your wedding offers, you will save on extra reproduction and shipping costs.

6. Go with Online Wedding Invitations

Using technology during your wedding request process can save you quite a lil of money in the long run. Traditionally, wedding day details remain expected via mail in an invitation suite. But, with a variety of digital wedding invitation options in today’s day in addition age, many couples are opting for online selections, which not only save money but save rare trees as well. 

When looking for a cost-effective wedding invitation, one of the best options is to send invitations online. Not only are online wedding invitations affordable, but they are also incredibly convenient for you and each wedding guest.

7. Go digital with Smart E Invites

Go Digital with Smart E Invites

We bid on various beautifully crafted, paperless online invitations at Smart E Invites. Given that transport and printing services are optional thru an online invitation, choosing a paperless wedding invitation can significantly reduce the rate of your wedding invite budget. 

In addition to exchangeable money, online wedding invitations have an extra coat of convenience regarding RSVPs and tracking responses. Not only do we make it laid back to communicate with your guest list as soon as possible, but the built-in RSVP tracking makes the respite of your wedding planning much more straightforward and healthy. With the little things taken care of, you can focus more on the details of your marriage!


Online wedding offers allow you to make changes on the fly without chief time for printing and mailing. Whether you must reschedule your event, change the venue, or abandon part of your celebration, you can quickly let your guests know.

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